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  • The blog's on holiday! 11/14
    Today our photos come from The Blonde Lime Soda, self-professed fashion traveler, gastronomist and "jet-setting free spirit". Each photo has over a thousand likes, and BLS liked the Hotel & Spa la Belle Juliette so much, she's currently using her photo taken there as her profile pic! You can check out more photos of her [...]
  • The blog's on holiday! 10/14
    So here we are ]= the last week of the blog's holiday's. ? Today we'd like you to say hello to Camille Jolly, a little bearded man (his own words) who shares his fashion looks, would like to become a barista, and who visited the Hotel Baume early this year. Apparently he felt very much [...]
  • The blog's on holiday! 9/14
    Today we day hello again to our pal Ozzi Alves ! You may remember from a couple of days back, we encountered Ozzi at the Hotel & Spa La Belle Juliette. Now here he is at the Hotel les Dames du Panthéon having a lovely cup of tea in his room and reading the newspaper [...]
  • The blog's on holiday! 8/14
    Today, our article is kind of a treasure hunt! While looking at the photo below, taken at the Hotel des Grands Hommes by Jérémy Coquement, we wanted to find out more about the photo shoot that took place in one of the rooms. View this post on Instagram REC ? ça tourne /// @julien.loup.patoue @elisabachirbey [...]
  • The blog's on holiday! 7/14
    Today our photo is by (and of) Ozzi Alves, a Brazilian make-up artist who works in Paris, and cannot forget his first name as it's tattooed on his arm! He stopped by the Hotel & Spa La Belle Juliette on a day off last month, taking the time to relax in our secret garden with [...]
  • The blog's on holiday! 6/14
    Oh there you are! Good to see you back! How was your weekend? Today the blog is pleased to talk to you about Marilyn Feltz, a fashion designer with a boutique in the Marais, and who recently had some photos of her sumptuous creations taken at the Hotel Baume, with model Sam Quealy and photographer [...]
  • The blog's on holiday! 5/14
    The blog's first week of holidays is over. Already! Today we are looking at photos taken by Alexandra Jurjica at the Hotel les Dames du Panthéon, and they all have more than a thousand likes! Alexandra is a Personal Travel Consultant from Romania, and during her stay at the hotel we're not sure whether it [...]
  • The blog's on holiday! 4/14
    Margrethe Blomsø is a Norwegian journalist & data science student living in Copenhagen, but it seems her talents also include taking lovely photos (just check out her Instagram feed for confirmation). Margrethe may not post super often or have millions of likes, mais we think this photos of her at the Hotel Design Sorbonne as [...]
  • The blog's on holiday! 3/14
    Our photos of the day are by Tatjana of St Petersburg, who seems quite popular as all her posts have at least 300 likes. Tatjana came to stay at the Hotel des Grands Hommes, posting seven photos over four days ]= apparently she really liked it! One mystery remains, however ]= what type of cheese [...]
  • The blog's on holiday! 2/14
    Today we are showing you photos by Janaina Pedroza who runs the Brazilian blog PariSabor. Janaina spent a few days at the Hotel & Spa la Belle Juliette recently. She even celebrated her birthday there (if you'd like to make a birthday or anniversary extra special while staying with us, be sure to ask what [...]